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30 Days of Night

Rating: R Run Time: 1:53
Cast: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston Director: David Slade
After an Alaskan town is plunged into darkness for a month, it is attacked by bloodthirsty vampires.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 3:55PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 10:30PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 1:55AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 11:30PM EDT

New for August!

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Rating: R Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Kiele Sanchez, Rhys Coiro, Diora Baird Director: Ben Ketai
After surviving the incidents in Barrow, Alaska, Stella Olemaun relocates to Los Angeles, where she intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 5:50PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 5:40AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 4:20PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 11:05AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 9:55PM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 1:25AM EDT

The Alamo

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 2:41 Year of Release: 1960
Cast: John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Frankie Avalon Director: John Wayne
John Wayne and Richard Widmark star in this historical film spectacular about the attack by Mexican troops on the Alamo.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 13th - 11:25AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 11:20AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 12:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 11:05PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 3:30PM EDT

New for August!

Almost Famous

Rating: R Run Time: 2:03 Year of Release: 2000
Cast: Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson Director: Cameron Crowe
A 15-year old aspiring rock journalist is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Aug 10th - 1:05AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 12:55AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 6:55PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 9:55AM EDT


Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:28 Year of Release: 1987
Cast: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Stephen Elliott Director: Peter Hunt
The first lady and her Secret Service agent become the target of a terrorist attack that is being initiated from inside the White House.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 6:30PM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 3:00AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 11:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 2:30AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 7:15AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 7:30PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 10:30AM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 12:05PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 8:30AM EDT

New for September!

At Any Price

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 2013
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Zac Efron, Kim Dickens Director: Ramin Bahrani
A farming family's business is threatened by an unexpected crisis, further testing the relationship between a father and his rebellious son.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 10th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 12:50AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 8:30AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 4:40AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 7:05PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 5:10PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 4:50AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 8:30AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 7:10PM EDT

Bad Company

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:26 Director: Jon Brewer
Producer/director Jon Brewer captures, for the first time, the incredible story of one of rock’s original super-groups, Bad Company, creators of a powerful true rock sound and spirit that imprinted upon the 1970s and continues to sell out stadium tours worldwide.

Air Dates:

Sat, Sep 26th - 5:20AM EDT

Bad Country

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 2014
Cast: Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, Amy Smart Director: Chris Brinker
A former contract killer and the police detective who busted him team up to take down a powerful crime ring in the South.

Air Dates:

Sun, Sep 6th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 12:55AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 7:10PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 4:40AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 12:25PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 5:30AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 1:55PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 1:00AM EDT

New for August!


Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:37 Year of Release: 1968
Cast: Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Anita Pallenberg Director: Roger Vadim
An astronaut from the 41st century sets out to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 11:00PM EDT

Tue, Aug 11th - 2:40AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 6:20PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 3:40AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 7:25AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 3:55PM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 2:35AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 1:15PM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:49 Year of Release: 1970
Cast: Lee Van Cleef, Warren Oates, Forrest Tucker Director: Gordon Douglas
A stand-off ensues when a ferry operator refuses to ferry a gang of outlaws across the river into a town.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 1:00AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 3:10PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 12:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 12:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 5:25PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 1:05PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 6:00AM EDT

Big Jake

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:49 Year of Release: 1971
Cast: John Wayne, Richard Boone, Patrick Wayne Director: George Sherman
The Old West is changing and cowboys are a dying breed, but when a gang of cutthroats kidnaps Big Jake's son and holds him for ransom, Big Jake dishes out his own brand of frontier justice.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 2:45PM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 10:55AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 5:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 4:10AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 1:00AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 11:25AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 3:15PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 6:35AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 12:00PM EDT

The Blob

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:22 Year of Release: 1958
Cast: Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut, Earl Rowe Director: Irvin S. Yeaworth, Jr.
Classic horror/sci-fi thriller about an alien blob from outer space that grows bigger and bigger with every human victim it preys on.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 12:50PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 8:35AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 11:05PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 5:40PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 12:05AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 11:45AM EDT

The Blob

Rating: R Run Time: 1:35 Year of Release: 1988
Cast: Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Candy Clark Director: Chuck Russell
A remake of the 1958 classic about a man-eating blob from another planet, which takes over a small town consuming everything in its path.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 5:30PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 5:30AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 9:25PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 12:30AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 7:20PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 4:40AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 10:25PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 1:30AM EDT

Blue Hawaii

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1961
Cast: Elvis Presley, Angela Lansbury, Joan Blackman Director: Norman Taurog
Elvis Presley stars as an ex-G.I. who returns home to Blue Hawaii where his mother expects him to join corporate America, but all he wants to do is flirt with the ladies and take it easy.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 11:40AM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 7:25AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 7:15AM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 1:55PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 9:00AM EDT

New for September!

Broken Flowers

Rating: R Run Time: 1:45 Year of Release: 2005
Cast: Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Jessica Lange Director: Jim Jarmusch
An aging Don Juan hits the road on a revealing cross-country journey where he meets the errors of his past and the possibilities of the future.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 4:40PM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 12:50PM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 1:05AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 10:50PM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 10:10AM EDT

Cadillac Records

Rating: R Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 2008
Cast: Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Beyonce Knowles Director: Darnell Martin
A period piece that chronicles the rise and fall of influential R&B record label Chess Records.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 12:40AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 11:45AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 6:35AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 1:25PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 1:00AM EDT


Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:39 Year of Release: 1967
Cast: Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, Will Hutchins Director: Arthur H. Nadel
Elvis Presley rocks as a lovelorn million-heir in this sizzling comedy that includes Shelley Fabares and Bill Bixby and features eight new songs and bikinis galore.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 16th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 7:15PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 10:15AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 9:10AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 1:45PM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 6:30AM EDT

Comes a Horseman

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:58 Year of Release: 1978
Cast: James Caan, Jane Fonda, Jason Robards Director: Alan J. Pakula
A female rancher teams up with another independent cattleman to battle against a greedy land baron determined to buy up all the land for his interests.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 1:25PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 10:50AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 5:25AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 9:20AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 4:30PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 12:20PM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 10:45PM EDT

Tue, Sep 1st - 2:30AM EDT

New for August!

Country Strong

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:57 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Garrett Hedlund Director: Shana Feste
A drama centered on a rising country-music songwriter who sparks with a fallen star. Together, they mount his ascent and her comeback, which leads to romantic complications involving her husband/manager and a beauty queen-turned-singer.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 11:05PM EDT

Mon, Aug 10th - 3:10AM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 6:00PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 1:10PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 4:45PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 6:10AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 4:55PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 7:55AM EDT

New for August!

The Covenant

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:37 Year of Release: 2006
Cast: Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, Toby Hemingway Director: Renny Harlin
Four prep school students discover they have supernatural powers, but one of them begins to abuse his powers, resulting in catastrophe.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 7:20PM EDT

Tue, Aug 11th - 4:20AM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 2:35PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 11:30AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 2:15AM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 7:20PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 3:50AM EDT

The Cutting Edge

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1992
Cast: D.B. Sweeney, Moira Kelly, Terry O'Quinn Director: Paul Michael Glaser
The story of Doug Dorsey, a hockey player turned figure skater and his rocky relationship turned true love with skating partner Kate Moseley.

Air Dates:

Sun, Sep 6th - 5:30PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 8:05AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 12:40AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 11:30PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 7:05AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 10:30AM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 12:30AM EDT

New for September!

The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:38 Year of Release: 2006
Cast: Christy Carlson Romano, Ross Thomas, Scott Thompson Baker Director: Sean McNamara
Two ice skaters develop a love-hate relationship while dreaming of Olympic glory.

Air Dates:

Sun, Sep 6th - 7:15PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 5:40AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 9:45PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 1:15AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 8:50AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 9:50AM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 10:45PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 2:15AM EDT

New for August!

Deadly Impact

Rating: R Run Time: 1:36 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Joe Pantoliano, Carmen Serano Director: Robert Kurtzman
A police officer with a painful past returns home to help the FBI track down a mastermind assassin.

Air Dates:

Sat, Aug 15th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 12:35AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 3:05PM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 2:40PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 12:25AM EDT

Death Race

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 2008
Cast: Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
An ex-con is forced to compete in the post-industrial world's most popular sport, a car race where inmates must brutalize and kill each other on the road to victory.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 11:30PM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 7:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 1:30PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 4:05PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 8:40AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 12:30AM EDT

Death Race 2

Rating: R Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 2011
Cast: Furkan Bayraktar, Luke Goss, Lauren Cohan Director: Roel Reine
When convict Carl Lucas discovers there is a price on his head, his only hope is to survive a twisted race against an army of hardened criminals.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 9:50PM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 1:20AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 8:15AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 7:20PM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 11:50AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 10:50PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 2:20AM EDT

Death Rides a Horse

Rating: R Run Time: 1:54 Year of Release: 1967
Cast: Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law, Mario Brega Director: Giulio Petroni
A young man joins up with an aging outlaw to seek revenge on the bandits who killed the outlaw's family. Unknown to the outlaw, his young companion is one of the murderers!

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 11:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 3:00AM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 8:55AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 1:40PM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 9:05AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 1:35PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 7:50AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 7:55AM EDT

Detroit Rock City

Rating: R Run Time: 1:34 Year of Release: 1999
Cast: Edward Furlong, KISS, Natasha Lyonne Director: Adam Rifkin
A comedy about four teenagers trying to scam their way into a sold-out KISS concert, circa 1978.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 13th - 10:50PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 2:20AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 7:20PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 12:30PM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 3:15PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 4:50AM EDT

New for September!

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

Rating: R Run Time: 1:57 Year of Release: 2005
Cast: Stellan Skarsgard, Gabriel Mann, Clara Bellar Director: Paul Schrader
Years before Father Lancaster Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu leads to the rediscovery of his faith.

Air Dates:

Sat, Sep 5th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 3:00AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 1:30PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 6:20AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 12:40AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 5:25PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 4:55AM EDT

The Doobie Brothers: Let The Music Play

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:39
From their start at the Chateau Liberte’ in Santa Cruz to playing at the largest venues around the world, this film takes viewers on a journey through the history of The Doobie Brothers led by the band members as they share anecdotes and personal experiences.

Air Dates:

Fri, Aug 21st - 4:50AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 3:55AM EDT

The Drowning Pool

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 1975
Cast: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Tony Franciosa Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Classic mystery with Newman returning as private eye Harper who is hired to help a former lover out of a situation.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 5:40PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 1:10PM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 7:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 1:20PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 3:20PM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 10:00AM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 6:10PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 1:35PM EDT

Easy Come, Easy Go

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:34 Year of Release: 1967
Cast: Elvis Presley, Pat Priest, Dodie Marshall Director: John Rich
On his last day in the Navy, a frogman uncovers a sunken treasure ship and then spends his days as a civilian going after the treasure.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 16th - 10:45PM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 11:00AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 10:50AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 5:50AM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 5:40PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 8:05AM EDT

New for August!

Exorcist: The Beginning

Rating: R Run Time: 1:53 Year of Release: 2004
Cast: Stellan Skarsgard, Izabella Scorupco, James D'Arcy Director: Renny Harlin
The story of Father Merrin and his first encounter with the Devil during his missionary work in Africa.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Aug 11th - 12:40AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 3:50AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 5:15PM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 2:50AM EDT

New for September!

The Experiment

Rating: R Run Time: 1:36 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Adrien Brody, Cam Gigandet, Forest Whitaker Director: Paul Scheuring
Twenty-four men are pushed to the brink of madness when an experiment simulating life within a state prison spins horribly out of control.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 2nd - 5:35PM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 5:25AM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 1:55PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 12:45AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 12:50AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 9:50AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 7:20PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 4:00AM EDT

New for September!

The Fan

Rating: R Run Time: 1:35 Year of Release: 1981
Cast: Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Michael Biehn Director: Ed Bianchi
A record salesman is an obsessive fan of actress Sally Ross and when his letters are rejected he strikes out at her and her loved ones.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 4:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 11:30AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 7:20PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 4:10AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 12:15PM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 11:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 2:40AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 12:15PM EDT

A Fistful Of Dynamite

Rating: PG Run Time: 2:36 Year of Release: 1971
Cast: Rod Steiger, James Coburn, Maria Monti Director: Sergio Leone
The results are explosive when an Irish terrorist with a dynamite obsession teams up with a Mexican peasant-turned-revolutionary in this action-packed tale of power and politics.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 4:30PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 6:00AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 1:30PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 7:05AM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 11:15AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 10:35AM EDT

Frankie and Johnny

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:27 Year of Release: 1966
Cast: Elvis Presley, Donna Douglas, Harry Morgan Director: Frederick de Cordova
Elvis Presley stars as a riverboat entertainer who loses both his money and his girlfriend by spending too much time in the casino.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 9:10AM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 7:30PM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 2:25PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 2:25PM EDT

Tue, Sep 1st - 4:30AM EDT

G.I. Blues

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:43 Year of Release: 1960
Cast: Elvis Presley, Juliet Prowse, Robert Ivers Director: Norman Taurog
Elvis Presley plays a singing G.I. in West Germany who bets he can win the heart of a dancer in order to raise money for the nightclub he hopes to open.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 7:10PM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 9:50AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 2:10AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 9:45AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 4:45AM EDT

Genesis: Sum of the Parts

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:29
“Sum of the Parts” is the official authorized story of Genesis made with the full co-operation of the band members.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 25th - 5:10AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 2:02 Year of Release: 1989
Cast: Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick, Cary Elwes Director: Edward Zwick
Historical drama that chronicles the first black infantry unit in the Civil War and their relationship with their white commander.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 9:55AM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 11:15PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 3:35AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 6:55PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 2:05PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 1:50AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 11:20AM EDT

New for August!

Good Day for a Hanging

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:25 Year of Release: 1958
Cast: Fred MacMurray, Margaret Hayes, Robert Vaughn Director: Nathan Juran
An ex-lawman risks losing the support of his neighbors when he picks up a badge in order to bring a popular outlaw to justice.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 16th - 3:55PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 12:00PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 9:45AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 5:35PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 8:10AM EDT

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:31 Year of Release: 1972
Cast: Cliff Robertson, Robert Duvall, Luke Askew Director: Philip Kaufman
The gangs of Jesse James and Cole Younger join forces for a bank robbery in Northfield, Minnesota.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 3:25PM EDT

Mon, Aug 10th - 10:40AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 3:55PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 8:00AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 10:55AM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 7:25PM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 8:40AM EDT

New for August!

The Grudge 2

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:42 Year of Release: 2006
Cast: Amber Tamblyn, Edison Chen, Arielle Kebbel Director: Takashi Shimizu
Three interwoven stories about a terrible curse.

Air Dates:

Fri, Aug 14th - 4:15PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 12:35AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 10:55PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 2:35AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 6:15PM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 3:00AM EDT

New for August!

Hard Times

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:33 Year of Release: 1975
Cast: Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Jill Ireland Director: Walter Hill
A depression era streetfighter joins with a promoter of no-holds-barred street boxing bouts in New Orleans.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 7:25PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 2:10PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 4:10PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 9:15AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 12:40AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 8:20AM EDT

New for August!

Harold and Maude

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:31 Year of Release: 1971
Cast: Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles Director: Hal Ashby
Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself forever changed when he meets Maude at a funeral.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 2:20PM EDT

Tue, Aug 11th - 7:30AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 12:30AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 8:10AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 3:55AM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 7:25PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 10:45AM EDT

The Haunting

Rating: G Run Time: 1:51 Year of Release: 1963
Cast: Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson Director: Robert Wise
A doctor who wants to prove the existence of ghosts finds himself investigating at a deathly mansion with a dark past.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 3:35PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 7:10AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 10:35PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 2:10AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 5:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 5:30AM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 2:50AM EDT

New for September!

Heaven Can Wait

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1978
Cast: Warren Beatty, James Mason, Julie Christie Director: Warren Beatty and Buck Henry
When a pro football player’s life is ended prematurely by an over-anxious angel, he finds himself in the body of an unpopular millionaire.

Air Dates:

Mon, Sep 7th - 11:40AM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 5:15PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 11:45AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 6:20AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 1:20PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 7:25AM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 11:50PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 3:25PM EDT

Heavy Metal

Rating: R Run Time: 1:30 Year of Release: 1981
Cast: Voice of Richard Romanus, Voice of John Candy, Voice of Joe Flaherty Director: Gerald Potterson
A collection of animated fantasy and science fiction stories set to a soundtrack comprised of songs of the top metal artists of the time.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 2:55PM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 4:20AM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 3:50AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 5:45PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 4:10AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 7:25PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 4:20AM EDT

The Hills Run Red

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:29 Year of Release: 1967
Cast: Thomas Hunter, Henry Silva, Dan Duryea Director: Carlo Lizzani
A man recently released from a five-year prison sentence seeks vengeance against the former friend who has violated his trust.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 6:00AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 7:30AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 2:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 5:45PM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 11:30AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 6:55AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 6:55AM EDT


Rating: TV-PG Run Time: 1:23 Year of Release: 1953
Cast: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond Director: John Farrow
John Wayne stars as Hondo Lane, a cavalry rider with a moral dilemma, when a woman living on Apache land asks him to stand in for her husband-a man Hondo killed.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 12:00PM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 5:30PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 7:55AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 9:55AM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 6:30AM EDT

New for August!

Howard the Duck

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:50 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins Director: Willard Huyck
A fast-talking, cigar-chomping, beer-loving duck from a parallel universe who somehow winds up in Cleveland.

Air Dates:

Sat, Aug 15th - 3:30AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 5:00PM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 10:35PM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 2:05AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 7:05PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 3:40PM EDT

The International

Rating: R Run Time: 1:58 Year of Release: 2009
Cast: Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl Director: Tom Tykwer
An Interpol agent attempts to expose a high-profile financial institution's role in an international arms dealing ring.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 6:55PM EDT

Mon, Aug 10th - 12:15PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 6:55PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 9:35AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 11:15AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 10:45PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 2:35AM EDT

Invitation to a Gunfighter

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 1964
Cast: Yul Brynner, Janice Rule, George Segal Director: Richard Wilson
A gunman is hired to kill an ex-Rebel soldier who is stirring up trouble in this post-Civil War western.

Air Dates:

Sun, Sep 6th - 3:40PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 9:05AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 7:50AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 8:30AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 10:35PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 1:45AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 4:00PM EDT

John Mellencamp: It's About You

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:19
Following Mellencamp on his 2009 concert tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, the film traces the rock legend’s journey to American musical landmarks where his critically acclaimed album No Better Than This begins to take shape. Stunningly filmed on Super 8mm by famed photographer Kurt Marcus and his son Ian, It’s About You transcends the boundaries of traditional music documentaries to become a soulful meditation on Mellencamp and his beloved small-town America.

Air Dates:

Sat, Aug 22nd - 5:20AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 4:40AM EDT

New for August!

King Creole

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:55 Year of Release: 1958
Cast: Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau Director: Michael Curtiz
Danny, a troubled teenager, accepts a singing job at a local bar, attracting the attention of a gang boss who insists Danny sing at his establishment instead.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 12:55PM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 7:50AM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 5:30PM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 9:00AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 9:05AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 6:40AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 7:00PM EDT

Larger Than Life

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:33 Year of Release: 1996
Cast: Bill Murray, Jeremy Piven, Janeane Garofalo Director: Howard Franklin
When a motivational speaker discovers that his inheritance is an elephant, he must figure out what to do with the animal.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 7:05AM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 12:20PM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 3:40PM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 11:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 2:35AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 8:50AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 12:40AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 6:45AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 3:55PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 5:35PM EDT

Thu, Oct 1st - 4:20AM EDT

The Last House on the Left

Rating: R Run Time: 1:24 Year of Release: 1972
Cast: Sandra Peabody, David Hess, Lucy Grantham Director: Wes Craven
Two girls are tortured and left to die after they become captives of four prison escapees.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 5:50PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 5:25AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 12:25AM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 5:55PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 5:55AM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 2:25PM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:38 Year of Release: 1971
Cast: Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb Director: Michael Winner
After six hired hands accidentally kill an old man, an unforgiving lawman hunts them down at all costs, believing that justice needs to be served for the death.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 1:55PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 7:50AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 2:45PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 7:15AM EDT

Lone Wolf McQuade

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:47 Year of Release: 1983
Cast: Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera Director: Steve Carver
A Texas Ranger battles a drug mercenary who killed his partner in the ultimate martial arts showdown.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 7:10PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 9:40AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 11:50AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 5:05PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 12:40AM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 12:40PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 3:05PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 9:55AM EDT

The Magnificent Seven

Rating: NR Run Time: 2:08 Year of Release: 1960
Cast: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach Director: John Sturges
A group of seven tough gunslingers are hired by a Mexican village to put a stop to the vicious bandit and his gang who have been pillaging it for years

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 3:40PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 7:25AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 11:50PM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 7:00AM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 12:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 9:00PM EDT

The Man From Laramie

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:42 Year of Release: 1955
Cast: James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Donald Crisp Director: Anthony Mann
In this classic western film, a former Army scout searches for the man responsible for selling guns to an Apache trip that killed his brother during an attack.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 13th - 5:30PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 9:05AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 2:10PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 9:35AM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 3:55PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 6:00AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Sep 1st - 12:45AM EDT

New for September!

Man in the Saddle

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:26 Year of Release: 1951
Cast: Randolph Scott, Joan Leslie, Ellen Drew Director: Andre de Toth
A feud ensues when a big-time rancher attempts to takeover a small ranch and marry the rancher’s girl.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 7:30PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 5:00AM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 10:00AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 9:55AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 3:35PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 4:00AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 10:20AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 3:40PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 5:40AM EDT

Mary Reilly

Rating: R Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 1996
Cast: Julia Roberts, John Malkovich, Glenn Close Director: Stephen Frears
The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde told from the perspective of the housemaid who loves "them".

Air Dates:

Fri, Aug 14th - 9:50PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 1:35AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 7:05PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 1:35PM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 12:40AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 4:15AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 5:05PM EDT

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Rating: R Run Time: 2:00 Year of Release: 1971
Cast: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Rene Auberjonois Director: Robert Altman
A charismatic entrepreneur opens a brothel in a western boom town.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 2nd - 3:30PM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 8:40AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 6:55PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 11:50AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 7:45AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 5:10PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 9:45PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 1:35AM EDT

The Missouri Breaks

Rating: PG Run Time: 2:06 Year of Release: 1976
Cast: Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson Director: Arthur Penn
Rustler Tom Logan finds problems when infamous "regulator" Lee Clayton is hired to keep Logan away from a farmer's horses and daughter.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 9:05AM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 12:00PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 7:05AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 4:10PM EDT

Mon, Aug 24th - 12:30PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 11:35AM EDT

Mystic Pizza

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 1988
Cast: Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor, Annabeth Gish Director: Donald Petrie
A coming of age film about three young ladies, all waitresses at a pizza parlor, and the trials they go through in their romantic and personal lives.

Air Dates:

Fri, Aug 14th - 8:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 11:45PM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 3:10PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 11:05PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 3:00AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 7:10PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 12:25AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 3:15PM EDT

Navajo Joe

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 1967
Cast: Burt Reynolds, Aldo Sambrell, Nicoletta Machiavelli Director: Sergio Corbucci
A Native American warrior seeks revenge on a gang of outlaws who massacred his tribe.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 10:45AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 2:05PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 10:40AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 8:45AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 6:05AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 7:25PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 3:20AM EDT

Navy Seals

Rating: R Run Time: 1:53 Year of Release: 1990
Cast: Charlie Sheen, Michael Biehn, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer Director: Lewis Teague
While on a rescue mission in the Middle East, members of the U.S. elite commando unit discover hidden high-tech weapons.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 11:05PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 3:05AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 5:15PM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 5:10AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 1:00AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 3:10PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 8:40AM EDT

Necessary Roughness

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 1991
Cast: Scott Bakula, Hector Elizondo, Robert Loggia Director: Stan Dragoti
A recruitment scandal forces a university football coach to throw together a team of unlikely misfits.

Air Dates:

Mon, Sep 7th - 3:25PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 6:10PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 3:00AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 2:15PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 5:05PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 6:45AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Oct 1st - 12:40AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1990
Cast: Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid Director: Clive Barker
Boone longs to shed his innocence and join the Nightbreed, strange shape-shifting monsters who live in the mythical city of Midian.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 2nd - 7:15PM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 3:40AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 2:25AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 5:35PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 10:25AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 1:55PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 4:45AM EDT

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

Rating: NR Run Time: 3:27
Produced by Jeff Rosen and Nigel Sinclair, along with Susan Lacy and Anthony Wall, the film focuses on Dylan’s life and music from 1961 to 1966, detailing the artist’s journey from his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, through his emergence in the folk music scene of New York’s Greenwich Village to his controversial decision to go “electric” and his rise to the pinnacle of international fame and cultural impact.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 10th - 5:10AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 4:00AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 4:15AM EDT

North Dallas Forty

Rating: R Run Time: 1:58 Year of Release: 1979
Cast: Nick Nolte, Mac Davis, Charles Durning Director: Ted Kotcheff
A film that focuses on the labor abuses in professional football. Based on the novel by former Dallas Cowboy Peter Gent.

Air Dates:

Mon, Sep 7th - 1:25PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 7:00PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 7:40AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 12:35AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 2:10PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 11:35AM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 7:00PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 4:00AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 1:10PM EDT

An Officer and a Gentleman

Rating: R Run Time: 2:04 Year of Release: 1982
Cast: Richard Gere, Debra Winger, David Keith Director: Taylor Hackford
While attending the Naval Officer Candidate school, a young man falls in love with a girl working at the local paper mill.

Air Dates:

Sat, Sep 5th - 6:55PM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 5:25AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 4:15PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 9:40AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 10:55PM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 2:55AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 3:30PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 5:10PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 11:00AM EDT

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:30 Year of Release: 1966
Cast: Elvis Presley, Suzanna Leigh, James Shigeta Director: Michael D. Moore
Elvis Presley stars as an airline pilot who goes into the helicopter charter business with his friend, and risks losing it all after being grounded for recklessness.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 17th - 5:40AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 3:55PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 9:40AM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 5:40AM EDT

Patriot Games

Rating: R Run Time: 1:56 Year of Release: 1992
Cast: Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin Director: Phillip Noyce
After killing a terrorist during an assassination attempt, ex-CIA agent Jack Ryan is forced to re-join the service in efforts to protect his family from the man who is threatening to avenge his brother's death.

Air Dates:

Sat, Sep 5th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 1:00AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 10:00AM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 12:30AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 4:10PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 4:50AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 10:35AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 1:05AM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 2:30PM EDT

Pink Floyd - Story of Wish You Were Here

Rating: NR Run Time: 0:59
Wish You Were Here, released in September 1975, was the follow up album to the globally successful The Dark Side Of The Moon and is cited by many fans, as well as band members Richard Wright and David Gilmour, as their favorite Pink Floyd album. This program tells the story of the making of this landmark release through new interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason and archive interviews with the late Richard Wright.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 24th - 6:30AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:59 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen Director: Oliver Stone
A young recruit in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man.

Air Dates:

Thu, Sep 3rd - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 1:00AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 10:50PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 2:45AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 11:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 3:25AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 11:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 3:05AM EDT


Rating: PG Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 1975
Cast: Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, Bo Hopkins Director: Kirk Douglas
A U.S. marshal tries to further his political career by leading an elite posse to find and capture an infamous bank robber.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 11:30AM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 7:20AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 5:35PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 6:55AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 12:00PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 6:50AM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 12:10AM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 10:20AM EDT

Produced by George Martin

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:25
Produced by George Martin is a feature length profile of Sir George Martin, Britain’s most celebrated record producer. In the early fifties he joined EMI/Parlophone and started working on orchestral music, comedy records and music for children. Then in 1962 he signed The Beatles. Together George Martin and The Beatles revolutionized pop music and recording techniques forging probably the greatest producer/artist collaboration there will ever be.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 6:00AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:29 Year of Release: 2008
Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez Director: John Erick Dowdle
When a news crew decides to trail a brave firefighting team, they never suspect that the first call for help they respond to that night may be their last. Now they're trapped in an apartment complex sealed off by the government. With no way of escape, they find themselves surrounded by frightened residents who are infected with a deadly mutant virus.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 9th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 12:35AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 1:55PM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 5:55PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 7:25PM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 3:10AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 1:35PM EDT

Razor's Edge

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 2:09 Year of Release: 1984
Cast: Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Denholm Elliott Director: John Byrum
An American WW I vet undertakes a spiritual quest that takes him from the Himalayas back to his hometown.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 8th - 10:50PM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 2:55AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 11:05AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 9:10AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 5:00AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 3:55AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 1:40PM EDT

Tue, Sep 29th - 3:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 11:55AM EDT

Red Rock West

Rating: R Run Time: 1:38 Year of Release: 1992
Cast: Nicolas Cage, J.T. Walsh, Dennis Hopper Director: John Dahl
When an unemployed, "out of luck" man is mistaken for a contract killer, he takes the money and runs until complications lead him to the real hit man.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 27th - 10:40PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 2:05AM EDT

The Return of the Living Dead

Rating: R Run Time: 1:30 Year of Release: 1985
Cast: Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calfa Director: Dan O'Bannon
A classic horror comedy centered around dim-witted teens who accidentally release a chemical that turns a hospital's corpses into zombies.

Air Dates:

Sat, Aug 15th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 2:15AM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 5:30PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 10:50PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 2:15AM EDT

Return of the Magnificent Seven

Rating: TV-PG Run Time: 1:35 Year of Release: 1966
Cast: Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Julian Mateos Director: Burt Kennedy
When the last remaining member of the original seven is in trouble, he contacts the former leader who then gathers up a new band to rescue the villagers.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 11:15AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 9:35AM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 10:10PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 2:00AM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 6:30AM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 2:10PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 11:10PM EDT

New for August!

Ride Beyond Vengeance

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 1966
Cast: Chuck Connors, Michael Rennie, Kathryn Hays Director: Bernard McEveety
A buffalo skin trader must struggle with his lust for vengeance and his desire for reconciliation with his wife who has left him in disgrace.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 16th - 2:10PM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 3:30PM EDT

Fri, Aug 21st - 8:30AM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 3:50PM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 12:50AM EDT

Rock Star

Rating: R Run Time: 1:46 Year of Release: 2001
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Dominic West Director: Stephen Herek
Chris Cole's wildest dream comes true when he replaces the lead singer of the band he idolizes, catapulting him to superstardom. Dealing with fame, however, is harder than it looks.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 13th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 12:30AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 10:45PM EDT

Wed, Aug 19th - 2:20AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Aug 30th - 5:35PM EDT

The Rolling Stones' Bobby Keys: Every Night's A Saturday Night

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:26
Bobby Keys is the go-to saxophone man who performed with music luminaries such as The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and George Harrison, to name a few. Bobby Keys’ sax solos on classics such as “Brown Sugar,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” and “What Is Life” are the essence of rock and roll legends.

Air Dates:

Mon, Aug 24th - 5:30AM EDT


Rating: PG Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1964
Cast: Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Leif Erickson Director: John Rich
A coffeehouse singer joins a carnival and helps to bring in the money it needs to stay afloat while also falling in love with his beautiful co-worker.

Air Dates:

Thu, Aug 13th - 7:15PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 4:00AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 12:25AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 12:40PM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 12:40PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 4:40AM EDT

Sensation: The Story of The Who's Tommy

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:20
The Who’s seminal double album Tommy, released in 1969, is a milestone in rock history. This new film explores the background, creation and impact of Tommy through new interviews with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, archive interviews with the late John Entwistle, and contributions from engineer Bob Pridden, artwork creator Mike McInnerney, plus others involved in the creation of the album and journalists who assess the album’s historic and cultural impact.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 12th - 5:55AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 2:10 Year of Release: 1973
Cast: Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe Director: Sidney Lumet
Based on the true-life account of Frank Serpico, an undercover, straight-edge, New York cop, whose safety is compromised when he exposes police department corruption.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 7:40AM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 1:20AM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 9:10AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 6:45PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 9:45AM EDT

The Sons of Katie Elder

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 2:01 Year of Release: 1965
Cast: John Wayne, Dean Martin, Martha Hyer Director: Henry Hathaway
Three men return home to attend their mother's funeral and take care of business with the man who swindled their parents into giving their inheritance away.

Air Dates:

Sun, Sep 6th - 12:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 5:25AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 3:30PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 10:20AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 10:55PM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 2:55AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 3:05PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 3:35PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 7:10AM EDT

Springsteen & I

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:17
Working with the filmmakers, Springsteen’s fans have helped create a film that reflects on their personal insights and experiences to explore what this timeless artist means to them. Their stories are at times touching, at times humorous, at times extraordinary and they all come from the heart. Combined with previously unseen archive footage of performances throughout Springsteen’s career, this is a film by the fans and for the fans created with the full support of Bruce Springsteen.

Air Dates:

Wed, Aug 19th - 5:45AM EDT

Stagecoach (1986)

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:34 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash Director: Ted Post
In 1880, a group of passengers take a stagecoach from Arizona to New Mexico via dangerous Apache territory.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 2:15PM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 6:30AM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 7:20PM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 7:15AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 12:35PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 6:55AM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 1:55PM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 9:15AM EDT


Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 2:00 Year of Release: 1994
Cast: Kurt Russell, James Spader, Viveca Lindfors Director: Roland Emmerich
A symbologist leads a team of soldiers through a mysterious portal that leads to a distant galaxy, where they must protect a group of slaves while trying to figure out how to return home.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 10:45AM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 2:40PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 6:55PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 9:55AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 11:25AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 6:55PM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 10:35AM EDT

Mon, Sep 28th - 4:55PM EDT

Striking Distance

Rating: R Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1993
Cast: Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina Director: Rowdy Herrington
A maverick Pittsburgh detective is demoted to river patrol after he accuses members of his department of being behind a string of serial killings.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 5:10PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 3:45PM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 12:50PM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 1:20PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 3:55AM EDT

Tue, Aug 25th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 12:50AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:46 Year of Release: 1981
Cast: Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Warren Oates Director: Ivan Reitman
A charming, self-elected leader winds up commanding an outfit of misfits.

Air Dates:

Mon, Sep 7th - 9:50AM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 10:50PM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 2:25AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 3:10PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 8:05AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 8:20AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 5:30PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 2:10PM EDT

Wed, Sep 30th - 10:50PM EDT

Thu, Oct 1st - 2:30AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:58 Year of Release: 1997
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Danny Glover, Jared Leto Director: Jeb Stuart
An FBI agent pursues the serial killer who has kidnapped his son.

Air Dates:

Tue, Sep 1st - 8:10AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 10:50PM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 2:40AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 2:15PM EDT

Mon, Sep 14th - 3:45PM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 9:00AM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 7:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 10:00AM EDT

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Jim Siedow Director: Tobe Hooper
A Texas Ranger and radio DJ are bent on putting an end to the Sawyer family terror.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 2nd - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 12:25AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 2:10AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 5:00AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 7:15PM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 4:20AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 3:40PM EDT

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Rating: R Run Time: 1:27 Year of Release: 1994
Cast: Renée Zellweger, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Jacks Director: Kim Henkel
A group of teenagers crash their car after prom, and run into a psychopathic family, which includes the cannibalistic serial killer Leatherface.

Air Dates:

Wed, Sep 2nd - 10:45PM EDT

Thu, Sep 3rd - 2:10AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 11:00PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 2:30AM EDT

Fri, Sep 25th - 4:30PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 3:40AM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 10:35AM EDT

This Is Elvis

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:41 Year of Release: 1981
Cast: Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr., Cary Grant Director: Malcolm Leo
This definitive biography of the legendary hero combines documentary footage with sequences of actors playing Presley at various stages of his life.

Air Dates:

Tue, Aug 11th - 10:50PM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 2:30AM EDT

Mon, Aug 17th - 3:55AM EDT

Wed, Aug 26th - 5:35PM EDT

Thu, Aug 27th - 3:50AM EDT

The Trailer Show

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 0:05 Year of Release: 2015
A sneak preview of all the new movies coming to a theater near you.

Air Dates:

Sun, Aug 9th - 7:30AM EDT

Sun, Aug 9th - 5:00PM EDT

Mon, Aug 10th - 8:40AM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 7:20AM EDT

Wed, Aug 12th - 1:25PM EDT

Thu, Aug 13th - 7:15AM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 5:45AM EDT

Fri, Aug 14th - 8:40AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 7:25AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 11:15AM EDT

Sat, Aug 15th - 10:40PM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 6:55AM EDT

Sun, Aug 16th - 11:40AM EDT

Tue, Aug 18th - 7:30AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 7:30AM EDT

Thu, Aug 20th - 11:20AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 6:45AM EDT

Sat, Aug 22nd - 10:35PM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 5:40AM EDT

Sun, Aug 23rd - 6:35PM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 5:30AM EDT

Fri, Aug 28th - 7:45AM EDT

Sat, Aug 29th - 10:50PM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 6:10AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 10:15AM EDT

Mon, Aug 31st - 2:55PM EDT

Tue, Sep 1st - 7:35AM EDT

Tue, Sep 1st - 10:10AM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 8:15AM EDT

Wed, Sep 2nd - 3:00PM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 5:00AM EDT

Fri, Sep 4th - 9:05AM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 4:30AM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 6:45AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 5:00AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 7:30AM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 5:15PM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 4:50AM EDT

Mon, Sep 7th - 7:30AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 7:45AM EDT

Tue, Sep 8th - 11:25AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 7:05AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 5:50AM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 8:35AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 6:30AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 7:25AM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 10:40PM EDT

Sun, Sep 13th - 6:05AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 6:45AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 11:00AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 7:15AM EDT

Thu, Sep 17th - 9:25AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 4:10AM EDT

Fri, Sep 18th - 8:20AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 6:50AM EDT

Sat, Sep 19th - 10:50PM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 4:10AM EDT

Sun, Sep 20th - 6:30AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 6:10AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 6:05AM EDT

Wed, Sep 23rd - 10:05AM EDT

Thu, Sep 24th - 7:35AM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 10:50PM EDT

Sun, Sep 27th - 6:40AM EDT

New for September!


Rating: R Run Time: 2:04 Year of Release: 1997
Cast: Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte Director: Oliver Stone
A small-time gambler gets more than he bargained for when his car breaks down near a remote desert town.

Air Dates:

Sat, Sep 5th - 4:45PM EDT

Sun, Sep 6th - 7:50AM EDT

Wed, Sep 9th - 5:10PM EDT

Thu, Sep 10th - 6:25AM EDT

Tue, Sep 15th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 1:15AM EDT

Wed, Sep 16th - 5:10PM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 10:40PM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 2:30AM EDT

Tue, Sep 22nd - 1:05PM EDT

Sat, Sep 26th - 8:25AM EDT

Where the Buffalo Roam

Rating: R Run Time: 1:39 Year of Release: 1980
Cast: Peter Boyle, Bill Murray, Bruno Kirby Director: Art Linson
Biographical satire based on Hunter S. Thompson's books Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and Fear and Loathing On the Campaign Trail '72.

Air Dates:

Fri, Sep 4th - 1:05PM EDT

Sat, Sep 5th - 5:05AM EDT

Fri, Sep 11th - 6:20PM EDT

Sat, Sep 12th - 1:30PM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 2:15AM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 12:00PM EDT

Mon, Sep 21st - 7:20PM EDT