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3:10 To Yuma

Rating: TV-PG Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 1957
Cast: Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Felicia Farr Director: Delmer Daves
A small-time rancher must secretly take a captured outlaw leader to the nearest town with a railway station to await the next train to the court in Yuma. Conflict erupts, however, when the mission becomes public information.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 8:20AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 7:25PM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 11:55AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 10:25AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 3:25AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 11:30AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 8:20AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 5:40PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 12:40PM EDT

New for April!

The Amateurs

Rating: R Run Time: 1:36 Year of Release: 2007
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Ted Danson, Joe Pantoliano Director: Michael Traeger
When a man discovers that his ex-wife has married an extremely wealthy man, he becomes motivated to make a change in his life.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 7:20PM EDT

Thu, Apr 2nd - 4:10AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 2:10PM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 7:20PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 3:40PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 11:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 9:50AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 5:25PM EDT

American Outlaws

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:34 Year of Release: 2001
Cast: Colin Farrell, Ali Larter, Kathy Bates Director: Les Mayfield
A group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is rightfully theirs after a corrupt railroad baron takes the deeds to their homesteads.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 7:25PM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 2:00AM EDT


Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 2:00 Year of Release: 1990
Cast: Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner Director: Penny Marshall
Based on a true story about a doctor who experiments with a drug that awakens several comatose patients, resulting in biological and psychological side effects.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 5th - 6:55PM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 3:05AM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 5:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 7:35AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 10:10AM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 5:00AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 12:55AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 11:30AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 10:55PM EDT

Bad Company

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:26 Director: Jon Brewer
Producer/director Jon Brewer captures, for the first time, the incredible story of one of rock’s original super-groups, Bad Company, creators of a powerful true rock sound and spirit that imprinted upon the 1970s and continues to sell out stadium tours worldwide.

Air Dates:

Tue, Apr 14th - 4:20AM EDT

Be Cool

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:59 Year of Release: 2005
Cast: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Vince Vaughn Director: F. Gary Gray
When loan shark-turned-movie producer Chili Palmer tries his hand at the music business, he finds himself tangled in a wild web of crazy characters with plans of their own.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 3:20PM EDT

Thu, Apr 2nd - 12:10AM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 4:35AM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 2:55PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 10:55PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 2:55AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 1:25AM EDT

New for April!

Beer League

Rating: R Run Time: 1:26 Year of Release: 2006
Cast: Artie Lange, Ralph Macchio, Anthony DeSando Director: Frank Sebastiano
A group of misfits whose weekly softball games seem to have a lot more to with getting into fights for macho dominance than hitting home runs.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 1:50PM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 10:40PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 4:10PM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 8:00AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 10:25AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 5:10PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 5:45PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 2:15PM EDT

New for April!

The Big White

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 2005
Cast: Robin Williams, Giovanni Ribisi, Holly Hunter Director: Mark Mylod
To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 5th - 5:10PM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 1:20AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 3:25PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 1:25PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 7:55AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 5:15PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 12:25AM EDT

Blame It on Rio

Rating: R Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 1984
Cast: Michael Caine, Demi Moore, Valerie Harper Director: Stanley Donen
While vacationing in Rio, a befuddled older fellow finds himself involved in a comedic affair with the teenage daughter of his best friend.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 7:50AM EDT

Blown Away

Rating: R Run Time: 2:00 Year of Release: 1994
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Suzy Amis Director: Stephen Hopkins
A recently retired member of the Boston Bomb squad becomes the target of an Irish radical bomb expert.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 6:15AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 10:50PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 2:45AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 9:40AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 6:50PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 12:40PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 12:55AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 10:25AM EDT

Blue Velvet

Rating: R Run Time: 2:00 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper Director: David Lynch
A college kid happens upon the secret and disturbing underbelly of his quiet neighborhood.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 4:00AM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 3:25PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 4:55PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 2:50AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 1:25PM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 11:25PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 3:55AM EDT

The Buddy Holly Story

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:54 Year of Release: 1978
Cast: Gary Busey, Don Stroud, Charles Martin Smith Director: Steve Rash
The story of Buddy Holly, a musical legend who changed the tune of rock 'n' roll, from his rise to fame to his untimely death.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 7:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 10:45AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 5:10PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 11:25PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 9:40AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 3:10PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 3:15AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 9:30AM EDT

Bull Durham

Rating: R Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 1988
Cast: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins Director: Ron Shelton
A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 4:00PM EDT

Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:19
A journey into the mind of one of great unsung rock legends of the 1970’s. The late Terry Kath was one of the founding members of the band Chicago, whose powerful guitar playing and husky, melodic voice has been praised by such icons as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh and Eric Clapton.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 8th - 4:50AM EDT

Dark Blue

Rating: R Run Time: 1:57 Year of Release: 2002
Cast: Kurt Russell, Scott Speedman, Michael Michele Director: Ron Shelton
A robbery homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt LAPD officer to question his tactics.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 4:35PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 9:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 1:10AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 2:15PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 4:45PM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 11:10PM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 3:20AM EDT

New for March!

Death at a Funeral (2010)

Rating: R Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Keith David Director: Neil LaBute
A funeral ceremony turns into a debacle of misplaced bodies and family secrets.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 2:20PM EDT

The Doobie Brothers: Let The Music Play

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:39
From their start at the Chateau Liberte’ in Santa Cruz to playing at the largest venues around the world, this film takes viewers on a journey through the history of The Doobie Brothers led by the band members as they share anecdotes and personal experiences.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 8th - 6:15AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 5:45AM EDT

The Doors

Rating: R Run Time: 2:20 Year of Release: 1991
Cast: Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan Director: Oliver Stone
This biopic tells the story of the infamous 1960s rock band The Doors and its lead singer, Jim Morrison.

Air Dates:

Mon, Apr 6th - 11:45AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 4:50AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 3:15AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 4:45PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 11:00PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 3:05PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 4:20AM EDT

The Doors: Mr. Mojo Risin': The Story of L.A. Woman

Rating: NR Run Time: 0:59
Featuring exclusive interviews with band members Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Kreiger, plus Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman, their manager at the time Bill Siddons, and their closest colleagues and collaborators - along with exclusive performances, archival footage and examination of the original multi-track recording tapes with Producer Bruce Botnick - this film tells the amazing story of this landmark album by one of the most influential bands on the planet.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 26th - 7:10AM EDT

Double Impact

Rating: R Run Time: 1:49 Year of Release: 1991
Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Geoffrey Lewis, Alonna Shaw Director: Sheldon Lettich
Identical twins separated at birth reunite twenty-five years later to avenge the murder of their parents.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 2:40PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 7:10AM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 11:30AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 10:45PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 2:25AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 9:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 12:40AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 5:15PM EDT

Duel at Diablo

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 1966
Cast: James Garner, Sidney Poitier, Bibi Andersson Director: Ralph Nelson
In Apache territory, a civilian guide is hell-bent on avenging a woman’s rape, and an uptight cavalry lieutenant must carry an ammunition shipment to a far away fort.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 9:55AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 12:55AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 8:35AM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 7:10PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 12:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 11:00AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 6:20AM EDT

Eagle's Wing

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 1979
Cast: Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Harvey Keitel Director: Anthony Harvey
A trapper knowledgeable in the ways of the west and a less-experienced city man struggle against the wilderness and each other in a fight for survival.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 8:35AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 1:05AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 12:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 9:15AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 5:35PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 6:45AM EDT

Enter the Ninja

Rating: R Run Time: 1:39 Year of Release: 1981
Cast: Franco Nero, Susan George, Sho Kosugi Director: Menahem Golan
After just completing his training at a ninja school, an army vet (Franco Nero) travels to the Phillippines and finds himself battling a landgrabber.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 9:00AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 7:15PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 2:25PM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 12:40AM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 9:45AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 4:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 3:30PM EDT


Rating: PG Run Time: 1:35 Year of Release: 2002
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Vavasseur, Julianna Margulies Director: Bruce Beresford
Based on a true story of a working-class Irishman who must battle the courts to regain custody of his children after his wife walks out on them.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 12:35PM EDT

The Fisher King

Rating: R Run Time: 2:17 Year of Release: 1991
Cast: Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Mercedes Ruehl Director: Terry Gilliam
Living with the guilt of knowing that he had inadvertently caused a caller to kill several people, a suicidal DJ finds redemption in helping a homeless man find "the Holy Grail".

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 5th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 5:10AM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 9:35AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 3:40AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 6:40PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 1:10PM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 11:30AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 3:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 11:05PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 3:30AM EDT

Flash Gordon

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:51 Year of Release: 1980
Cast: Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow Director: Mike Hodges
Based on the 1930s comic strip about an abducted football legend forced to fight the evil tyrant Ming, who sees Earth as a threat to his Empire's supremacy and sets forth a plan to destroy it.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 7:05AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 12:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 9:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 12:40AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 5:10PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 7:05PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 1:35PM EDT

New for April!

Fort Defiance

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:22 Year of Release: 1951
Cast: Dane Clark, Ben Johnson, Peter Graves Director: John Rawlins
A Civil War soldier wants to kill the man whose surrender got his brother killed.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 5th - 12:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 7:30PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 5:45AM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 1:35PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 11:10AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 8:10AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 12:30PM EDT

Genesis: Sum of the Parts

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:29
“Sum of the Parts” is the official authorized story of Genesis made with the full co-operation of the band members.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 5:50AM EDT

New for April!

The Gift

Rating: R Run Time: 1:51 Year of Release: 2000
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes, Keanu Reeves Director: Sam Raimi
A woman with extrasensory perception is asked to help solve the disappearance of a young woman.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 10:50PM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 2:35AM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 12:45PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 12:15PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 3:05AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 7:05PM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 10:05AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, May 1st - 1:00AM EDT

New for April!


Rating: R Run Time: 1:38 Year of Release: 2008
Cast: Paul Dano, Zooey Deschanel, John Goodman Director: Matt Aselton
A mattress salesman finds his plan to adopt a Chinese baby augmented by the arrival of a young woman, who comes into his workplace, falls asleep on one of the beds, and starts to affect his life upon waking up.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 3:50PM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 10:35PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 1:55AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 11:40AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 6:35AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 10:00AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 7:15PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 10:25AM EDT

New for April!

Hard Cash

Rating: R Run Time: 1:38 Year of Release: 2002
Cast: Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, Sara Downing Director: Predrag Antonijevic
An infamous thief, just released from prison, and his crew pull of a brilliant robbery but then become embroiled with a corrupt FBI agent when they discover the money is marked.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 12:00AM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 3:35AM EDT

New for April!

The Iceman

Rating: R Run Time: 1:45 Year of Release: 2012
Cast: Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, James Franco Director: Ariel Vromen
A hit man earns a reputation as a cold-blooded killer but manages to keep his violent profession a secret from his wife and children for years.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 12:40AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 1:55PM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 3:45PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 11:05PM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 3:00AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 11:45AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 5:20AM EDT

Jeremiah Johnson

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:51 Year of Release: 1972
Cast: Robert Redford, Will Geer, Delle Bolton Director: Sydney Pollack
A man must learn new survival skills as he ventures into the wilderness to become a mountain man.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 8th - 1:30PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 8:25AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 4:40PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 11:25PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 12:40AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 7:05PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 11:35AM EDT

Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:17
Miracles Out of Nowhere is the documentary film that tells the uplifting true story of the classic rock band KANSAS and its climb from impossible obscurity to stadium headliners. Directed by Emmy-nominated Charley Randazzo, the documentary features the original KANSAS lineup, revisiting Topeka together for the first time in more than 30 years, where music mogul Don Kirshner first discovered them.

Air Dates:

Tue, Apr 14th - 5:50AM EDT

New for March!

Killing Season

Rating: R Run Time: 1:30 Year of Release: 2013
Cast: Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Milo Ventimiglia Director: Mark Steven Johnson
A U.S. veteran and a former Serbian soldier play cat-and-mouse games in the remote wilderness.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 5:50PM EDT

La Bamba

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:48 Year of Release: 1987
Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales, Rosana DeSoto Director: Luis Valdez
A biography of late-1950s pop star Ritchie Valens, focusing primarily on his roller coaster relationship with his half-brother Bob, his love for his girlfriend Donna, and the famous plane crash that took his life.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 11th - 7:10PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 1:25AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 9:00PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 1:15AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 7:10PM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 1:25AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 5:15PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 9:40AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:51 Year of Release: 1974
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Valerie Perrine, Jan Miner Director: Bob Fosse
Director Bob Fosse explores drug use, women, and comedy in the life of ground breaking comedian Lenny Bruce.

Air Dates:

Mon, Apr 6th - 5:20PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 6:10AM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 12:55AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 7:05PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 3:15PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 3:50AM EDT


Rating: R Run Time: 1:37 Year of Release: 1989
Cast: Peter Weller, Richard Crenna, Amanda Pays Director: George P. Cosmatos
A crew of deep-sea engineers venture into a sunken Russian ship containing experiments that cause a mysterious genetic mutation in the crew members.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 5:15PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 9:15AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 1:40PM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 10:55PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 2:35AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 7:15PM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 1:35PM EDT

Lone Wolf McQuade

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:47 Year of Release: 1983
Cast: Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera Director: Steve Carver
A Texas Ranger battles a drug mercenary who killed his partner in the ultimate martial arts showdown.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 7:10PM EDT

Fri, Apr 3rd - 11:45AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 12:55AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 8:35AM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 6:05AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 3:20PM EDT

Love and Death

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:24 Year of Release: 1975
Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Georges Adet Director: Woody Allen
Woody Allen wrote, directed, and stars in this film about a neurotic Russian solider plotting to kill Napoleon at the insistence of his wife.

Air Dates:

Mon, Apr 6th - 3:50PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 10:00AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 5:55PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 10:30PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 7:00AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 2:05PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 11:10PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 2:50AM EDT

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Rating: NR Run Time: 2:03 Year of Release: 1962
Cast: John Wayne, James Stewart, Vera Miles Director: John Ford
James Stewart leads an all-star cast as a young attorney trying to bring law and order to a wild west town terrorized by the outlaw Liberty Valance.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 6:00AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 10:50PM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 2:45AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 6:55PM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 1:20AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 8:30AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 5:15AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 12:00PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 6:00AM EDT

New for April!

The Mechanic

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 1972
Cast: Charles Bronson, Jan-Michael Vincent, Keenan Wynn Director: Michael Winner
An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 3rd - 12:30AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 10:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 5:45PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 10:55PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 2:35AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 3:30PM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 8:20AM EDT

Midnight Cowboy

Rating: R Run Time: 1:53 Year of Release: 1969
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles Director: John Schlesinger
A Texas cowboy moves to New York City to make a living as a Park Avenue male prostitute. Not long after arriving, he runs into a homeless con artist. They combine their forces and try to strike it rich together.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 1:35PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 6:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 3:45PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 7:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 10:55PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 5:10PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 3:40PM EDT

Murphy's Law

Rating: R Run Time: 1:40 Year of Release: 1986
Cast: Charles Bronson, Kathleen Wilhoite, Carrie Snodgress Director: J. Lee Thompson
Charles Bronson stars as Jack Murphy, a cop on the run after being framed for the murder of his ex-wife.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 10:45PM EDT

Fri, Apr 3rd - 2:15AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 5:40PM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 5:35PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 2:25PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 10:55PM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 2:35AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 8:40AM EDT

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

Rating: NR Run Time: 3:27
Produced by Jeff Rosen and Nigel Sinclair, along with Susan Lacy and Anthony Wall, the film focuses on Dylan’s life and music from 1961 to 1966, detailing the artist’s journey from his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, through his emergence in the folk music scene of New York’s Greenwich Village to his controversial decision to go “electric” and his rise to the pinnacle of international fame and cultural impact.

Air Dates:

Mon, Apr 13th - 5:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 5:50AM EDT

A Perfect World

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 2:18 Year of Release: 1993
Cast: Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Laura Dern Director: Clint Eastwood
A kidnapped boy forges a bond with his captor while on the run from a veteran Texas Ranger.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 6:35PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 9:35AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 10:50PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 3:05AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 1:30AM EDT

Pink Floyd - Story of Wish You Were Here

Rating: NR Run Time: 0:59
Wish You Were Here, released in September 1975, was the follow up album to the globally successful The Dark Side Of The Moon and is cited by many fans, as well as band members Richard Wright and David Gilmour, as their favorite Pink Floyd album. This program tells the story of the making of this landmark release through new interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason and archive interviews with the late Richard Wright.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 10th - 5:10AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 6:35AM EDT

New for April!

The Pink Panther

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:33 Year of Release: 2006
Cast: Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno Director: Shawn Levy
Inspector Clouseau must solve the murder of a famous soccer coach and find out who stole the infamous Pink Panther diamond.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 12:10PM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 1:30PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 7:35AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 7:20PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 8:30AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 9:00PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 12:15AM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 10:45PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 2:10AM EDT


Rating: PG Run Time: 1:53 Year of Release: 1980
Cast: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall, Ray Walston Director: Robert Altman
Robin Williams stars as the spinach-loving sailor as he fights the brute Bluto for the heart of the beautiful Olive Oyl.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 5th - 3:10PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 11:20PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 8:00AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 5:20PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 6:00AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 2:45PM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 9:00AM EDT

The Postman

Rating: R Run Time: 2:57 Year of Release: 1997
Cast: Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate Director: Kevin Costner
In a world without rules, a loner resolves to bring order back to the United States when he finds an abandoned mailbag and delivers the mail left inside it.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 9:35AM EDT

Tue, Mar 31st - 9:00PM EDT

New for April!

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:22 Year of Release: 1985
Cast: Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello Director: Woody Allen
Depression-era movie fan/waitress whose day-to-day existence is enlivened when her latest idol walks right off the screen and into her life.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 2:20PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 1:25PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 1:35AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 5:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 7:30PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 12:50PM EDT

Road House

Rating: R Run Time: 1:54 Year of Release: 1989
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, Kelly Lynch Director: Rowdy Herrington
A bouncer is hired to clean up the toughest bar in Kansas City. He makes a lot of enemies among former employees and local gangs after laying down the law.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 12:10PM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 7:50AM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 11:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 3:10AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 11:40AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 1:05PM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 9:00PM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 1:10AM EDT

New for April!

Rob the Mob

Rating: R Run Time: 1:44 Year of Release: 2014
Cast: Michael Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia Director: Raymond De Felitta
A couple who specialize in robbing mafia clubs stumble upon a score bigger than they could ever imagine, becoming targets of both the mob and the FBI.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 10:50PM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 2:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 5:30PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 1:50PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 3:30PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 7:10PM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 1:50PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 7:10PM EDT

The Rolling Stones' Bobby Keys: Every Night's A Saturday Night

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:26
Bobby Keys is the go-to saxophone man who performed with music luminaries such as The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Eric Clapton and George Harrison, to name a few. Bobby Keys’ sax solos on classics such as “Brown Sugar,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” and “What Is Life” are the essence of rock and roll legends.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 4th - 5:00AM EDT

Run Silent Run Deep

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 1958
Cast: Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden Director: Robert Wise
Set during WW II, a submarine commander must contend with a crew that hates him and a hostile executive officer who thought he would be next in line as commander.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 3:35PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 6:20AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 11:55AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 8:00AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 8:10AM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 7:20PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 2:00PM EDT


Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:32 Year of Release: 2004
Cast: Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin Director: Brian Dannelly
Mary is a teenager at a Baptist high school. When she becomes pregnant, she finds out the truth about her holier-than-thou former friends.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 10:35AM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 12:20AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 8:50AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 10:40PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 1:55AM EDT

Sun, Apr 26th - 3:40PM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 8:05AM EDT

Sensation: The Story of The Who's Tommy

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:20
The Who’s seminal double album Tommy, released in 1969, is a milestone in rock history. This new film explores the background, creation and impact of Tommy through new interviews with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, archive interviews with the late John Entwistle, and contributions from engineer Bob Pridden, artwork creator Mike McInnerney, plus others involved in the creation of the album and journalists who assess the album’s historic and cultural impact.

Air Dates:

Sat, Apr 18th - 4:20AM EDT


Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 1:39 Year of Release: 1989
Cast: Meryl Streep, Roseanne Barr, Ed Begley Jr. Director: Susan Seidelman
A housewife vows revenge on her husband after he begins an affair with a romance novelist.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 10:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 8th - 7:20PM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 10:20AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 4:15PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 7:35AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 7:20AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 2:20PM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 3:45PM EDT

New for April!

Son of God

Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 2:18 Year of Release: 2014
Cast: Diogo Morgado, Amber Rose Revah, Greg Hicks Director: Christopher Spencer
The life story of Jesus is told from his humble birth through his teachings, crucifixion and ultimate resurrection.

Air Dates:

Sun, Apr 12th - 2:15PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 9:00PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 11:10AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 5:15AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 4:20AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 11:00AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 8:35AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 8:00AM EDT

Fri, May 1st - 3:10AM EDT

Splendor In The Grass

Rating: NR Run Time: 2:03 Year of Release: 1961
Cast: Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle Director: Elia Kazan
Set in 1925 rural Kansas, the story of a teenage couple trying to keep their relationships on an intellectual level, and how their families and sexual pressures are tearing them apart.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 7:55AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 10:55PM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 3:00AM EDT

Mon, Apr 13th - 1:35PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 7:35AM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 9:00PM EDT

Tue, Apr 28th - 12:40AM EDT

Springsteen & I

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:17
Working with the filmmakers, Springsteen’s fans have helped create a film that reflects on their personal insights and experiences to explore what this timeless artist means to them. Their stories are at times touching, at times humorous, at times extraordinary and they all come from the heart. Combined with previously unseen archive footage of performances throughout Springsteen’s career, this is a film by the fans and for the fans created with the full support of Bruce Springsteen.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 23rd - 4:50AM EDT

New for April!

Stardust Memories

Rating: PG Run Time: 1:29 Year of Release: 1980
Cast: Woody Allen, Charlotte Rampling, Jessica Harper Director: Woody Allen
Uninspired comic filmmaker who retreats to a room at the Stardust Hotel to reflect on his life, art and relationships with three different women.

Air Dates:

Thu, Apr 2nd - 5:35PM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 12:50PM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 7:25PM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 12:00AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 10:25AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 9:55AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 4:20AM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 1:30PM EDT

The Trailer Show

Rating: Not Rated Run Time: 0:05 Year of Release: 2015
A sneak preview of all the new movies coming to a theater near you.

Air Dates:

Tue, Mar 31st - 7:40AM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 5:35AM EDT

Wed, Apr 1st - 8:05AM EDT

Thu, Apr 2nd - 7:25AM EDT

Thu, Apr 2nd - 10:05AM EDT

Fri, Apr 3rd - 6:05AM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 4:30AM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 6:35AM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 4:20AM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 6:40AM EDT

Sun, Apr 5th - 9:05AM EDT

Mon, Apr 6th - 7:30AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 7:15AM EDT

Thu, Apr 9th - 8:00AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 5:20AM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 7:15AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 5:40AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 8:05AM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 1:55PM EDT

Sun, Apr 12th - 6:35PM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 7:15AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 5:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 15th - 8:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 7:05AM EDT

Fri, Apr 17th - 7:40AM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 5:45AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 6:45AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 1:50PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 4:10PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 6:30AM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 10:40AM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 7:40AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 6:15AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 5:50AM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 8:15AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 5:55AM EDT

Sat, Apr 25th - 9:40AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 7:30AM EDT

Wed, Apr 29th - 12:10PM EDT

Thu, Apr 30th - 9:20AM EDT

Fri, May 1st - 2:55AM EDT

Fri, May 1st - 5:35AM EDT

New for April!


Rating: R Run Time: 1:45 Year of Release: 2010
Cast: Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Liana Liberato Director: David Schwimmer
A suburban family is torn apart when their teenage daughter meets her first boyfriend online. After months of communicating via online chat and phone, she discovers her friend is not who he originally claimed to be.

Air Dates:

Fri, Apr 3rd - 9:00PM EDT

Sat, Apr 4th - 12:45AM EDT

Tue, Apr 7th - 11:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 16th - 3:05PM EDT

Sat, Apr 18th - 5:20PM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 7:00AM EDT

Tue, Apr 21st - 11:05PM EDT

Wed, Apr 22nd - 3:00AM EDT

Mon, Apr 27th - 5:30PM EDT

The US Generation: The 1982 Us Festival

Rating: NR Run Time: 1:43
The US Generation: The 1982 Us Festival ("Us" as in "you and me") is the official and authorized documentary film about a 3-day mega concert that forever changed the acceptance and plausibility of outdoor mega-concerts, thus setting the stage for Live Aid, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella and many more major festivals to come....

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 22nd - 4:50AM EDT

Used Cars

Rating: R Run Time: 1:52 Year of Release: 1980
Cast: Kurt Russell, Jack Warden, Gerrit Graham Director: Robert Zemeckis
The owners of a slummy used car lot go to great lengths to keep the neighboring high-dollar dealership from putting them out of business.

Air Dates:

Wed, Apr 1st - 5:25PM EDT

Thu, Apr 2nd - 2:15AM EDT

Fri, Apr 10th - 7:05PM EDT

Sat, Apr 11th - 11:45AM EDT

Tue, Apr 14th - 9:45AM EDT

Sun, Apr 19th - 9:00PM EDT

Mon, Apr 20th - 1:00AM EDT

Thu, Apr 23rd - 3:40PM EDT

Fri, Apr 24th - 6:20AM EDT