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AXS TV - Dallas Office
320 S. Walton Street
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 698-3800
AXS TV and HDNET MOVIES - Denver Office
8269 E. 23rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80238
(303) 542-5600

Viewer comments and questions are welcome at AXS TV and HDNET MOVIES.

You can email Mark Cuban or use our viewer feedback email address to send us your comments and questions.

If you are interested in investing in AXS TV, we thank you for your interest, however, we are currently a private company with no plans to go public at this time.

Chairman, CEO, and President:Mark Cubanmcuban@axs.tv
COO and General Manager:Jeff Cubanjcuban@axs.tv
CFO & General Counsel:Robert Thoelerthoele@axs.tv

Sales and Marketing

Executive Vice President, Distribution and Business Development:Sue Hamiltonshamilton@axs.tv
Managing Director of Affiliate Sales:Bill Padalinobpadalino@axs.tv
Advertising & Sponsorship Sales:Robert H. Rayrray@axs.tv
VP Marketing Operations:Colette Careyccarey@axs.tv
Press Contact:Cindy Ronzonicronzoni@axs.tv

AXS TV Programming

SVP Programming:Michele Dixmdix@axs.tv
VP/Executive Producer of Event Programming & Production:Darrell Ewaltdewalt@axs.tv
VP Music Programming and Production:Evan Haimanehaiman@axs.tv
Director of Program Acquisitions:Lucia McCalmontlmccalmont@axs.tv
Executive Producer - The Big Interview and Dan Rather Presents:Wayne Nelsonwnelson@axs.tv
Producer - World's Greatest Tribute Bands:Katie Darylgreatesttribute@axs.tv


General Manager:Rachael Weaverrweaver@axs.tv
Senior Director of Programming Acquisitions, HDNET MOVIES:Tiffany Baileytbailey@hd.net


CEO HDNet Fights:Andrew Simonasimon@axs.tv
Manager MMA Alliances:Adam Swiftaswift@axs.tv

AXS TV Production and Operation

VP Administration and Operations:Carol McDanielcmcdaniel@axs.tv
Production Manager - Dallas:Glenn Nickersongnickerson@axs.tv
Director of Live Event Operations:Chris Markwellcmarkwell@axs.tv
Post-Production Coordinator:Jacque McNairjmcnair@axs.tv
ENG Crew & Travel Scheduling:Kate Norrisknorris@axs.tv

AXS TV Employment

Human Resources / Jobs:Lauren Younglyoung@axs.tv

AXS TV Engineering

Director, Broadcast Engineering:Chad Wildmancwildman@axs.tv
Cable Head-End Authorization Contact:Bill Padalinobpadalino@axs.tv
Director of Broadcast Operations:Glenn Mooregmoore@axs.tv
Webmaster:Charlie Minowcminow@axs.tv