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Coming to HDNET MOVIES in 2017

Coming in 2017 to HDNET MOVIES!

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This year, HDNET MOVIES is packing a cinematic punch, and we have something for every movie lover to enjoy. Action and martial arts enthusiasts can soak up 12 hours of Jackie Chan in his early classics, western fans can lasso in 14 days of Clint Eastwood in his greatest films to date, and comedy fans are sure to laugh all night long with a Police Academy marathon. Every movie lover will appreciate February with 40 Academy Award®-winning films every night, and A-List spotlights on a few of Hollywood’s leading men. Not to mention, the slew of network PREMIERES this year including LEGALLY BLONDE, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, JULIE & JULIA, and many, many more. Keep your TV set tuned to HDNET MOVIES all year long because we have only just scratched the surface of a 2017 film extravaganza!

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