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Anthony Perkins in Psycho
Five of the Most Chilling Literary Serial Killers Unleashed on the Silver Screen
 March 10, 2016 2578 views

Reading about these horrifying murderers is scary enough, but five filmmakers took it upon themselves to bring these literary serial killers to life on the big screen. Only one is based on a real-life murderer, but all five are sure to send tingles down your spine and make you look twice, maybe even three times, […]

Bruce Willis in "Die Hard 2"
Box Office Hits: Sequels That Outdid the Originals
 March 7, 2016 2125 views

When a film does well in the box office, a movie studio will often order up a sequel. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they are epic failures. Quite often, in either case, the studio will give it a third go, and maybe a fourth, and fifth (how many Star Trek films are there again!?!). Below […]

'Deliverance' on HDNET MOVIES
When Burt Said It Best
 March 3, 2016 2764 views

Burt Reynolds has over 150 acting credits to his name, spanning nearly 60 years. He has played every kind of law enforcement figure, from cop to private eye, and has also gone to the other side of the fence, playing both an ex-con and a bandit on the run. He has raced cars, impressed AND […]

'Space Cowboys' on HDNET MOVIES
Actors Directing Themselves: 13 Actors Turned Directors Who Starred in Their Own Films
 March 2, 2016 3864 views

Not only did these talented folks take up a new occupation, directing, they also kept their old one as well, acting. Some even went on to write, produce, and compose music for their films. Talk about multitasking! Clint Eastwood in “Space Cowboys” (2000) 1. Clint Eastwood 2. Ron Howard 3. Jason Bateman Mel Gibson and […]

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