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'Not So Silent Nights' on HDNET MOVIES
Facebook Live with Tommy Shaw from Styx
 December 1, 2016 785 views

Check out some exclusive behind the scenes footage of our shoot with Tommy Shaw and see what else is coming up on HDNET MOVIES this December.

Bringing Back the ‘90s: ‘Speed’ on VHS and One Man’s Quest to Own Them All
 December 1, 2016 1171 views

So there is this guy, Ryan Beitz, and his mission is to collect every single VHS copy of the action-packed thriller Speed. He calls it the World Speed Project. Why, you may ask, would a young man undertake such a pointless and time-consuming task? Is he obsessed with Sandra Bullock circa 1994? Is it his […]

'Showgirls' on HDNET MOVIES
NC-17 Rated: Stories Behind Some of Hollywood’s HOTTEST Titles
 November 30, 2016 1817 views

Last year, the NC-17 rating celebrated its 25th anniversary, though most filmmakers would call the restriction anything BUT a celebration. Here’s a little history: In response to complaints of undue censorship from movie makers and film critics, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) got rid of its X movie rating on September 26, 1990 […]

'Not So Silent Nights' on HDNET MOVIES
The Ultimate Tommy Shaw Prize Pack Giveaway
 November 17, 2016 6997 views

This holiday season, HDNET MOVIES offers you a gift pleasing to both your eyes and ears as Styx frontman Tommy Shaw presents seven NOT SO SILENT NIGHTS of specially paired music documentaries and movies starting on Monday, December 5th and running until Sunday, December 11th. Films start at 7/6c every night. To get in the […]

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