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'Quest for the Cup' on HDNET MOVIES
Six of the Greatest “Motivational” Lines from Movie Hockey Scenes
 May 11, 2016 546 views

It’s common to hear Ozzie Osbourne and AC/DC before the start of a hockey game. Why? Because it amps up the players and gets their blood boiling for the game. In the movies, coaches, players, and even a caveman, have come up with something better than heavy metal music to get psyched up – they […]

Most Gruesome Ways to Die in a Stephen King Adaptation
 May 3, 2016 648 views

For over 40 years, contemporary horror novelist Stephen King has been terrifying readers and moviegoers with tales of everyday objects and subjects gone amok, such as an automobile, pop machine, family dog, teenage girl, and many more. While on one hand, the occurrences involve some sort of supernatural force, there is always a sense of […]

'Little Shop of Horrors' on HDNET MOVIES
HDNET MOVIES Celebrates Movie Anniversaries in May
 May 1, 2016 461 views

This month on HDNET MOVIES, tune in for nine fabulous films celebrating milestone anniversaries: Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors (1986) 20 YEARS Dunston Checks In (released 01/12/1996) Stephen King’s Thinner (released 10/25/1996) 25 YEARS My Girl (released 11/27/1991) 30 YEARS Highlander (released 03/07/1986) Raw Deal (released 06/06/1986) Little Shop of Horrors (released 12/19/1986) […]

'Still Smokin' on HDNET MOVIES
Ten Unforgettable Movie Stoners
 April 18, 2016 550 views

It’s that time of year again where stoners around the country come out to worship the marijuana Gods. If a national bash were to be thrown in honor of 4/20, it is a guarantee that these classic film characters would attend, and in most cases, bring all the goodies! Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong in […]

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