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HDNET MOVIES Goes for Gold With an Award-Winning “OSCAR® FRIDAYS” Lineup Featuring ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘The Hurt Locker,’ Airing in Primetime All Month Long
 January 28, 2016

Los Angeles – Jan. 28, 2015 – HDNET MOVIES presents award-winning favorites and classic thrillers in February, headlined by the “Oscar® Fridays” block—airing every Friday in primetime all month long—and the “Villain-Tine’s Day” marathon on Sunday, February 14, at 8pE.

HDNet Movies Doubles the Entertainment with “Sequel Sundays,” Celebrating Classic Follow-Ups to Batman, City Slickers, and More, Every Sunday This January at 8pE
 December 21, 2015

Los Angeles – Dec. 21, 2015 – HDNET MOVIES puts the spotlight on some of Hollywood’s most celebrated franchises with “Sequel Sundays”—a star-studded lineup packed with explosive action flicks, groundbreaking superheroes, influential sci-fi favorites, unforgettable war epics, and classic comedy gold, every Sunday this January at 8pE.

HDNet Movies Roars into 2016 with a Monster Lineup Headlined by the Five-Film ‘Creature Features’ Marathon Packed with Premieres of ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Alien’ on New Year’s Day at 3:30pE
 December 17, 2015

Los Angeles – Dec. 17, 2015 – HDNET MOVIES rings in the New Year with an A-list lineup of themed blocks highlighting box office hits throughout January. The month roars to life with the gargantuan “Creature Features” Marathon on New Year’s Day beginning at 3:30pE, as Casper Van Dien takes on giant alien insects in a futuristic wasteland in STARSHIP TROOPERS, with Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris. Next, the “King of All Monsters” takes a bite out of the Big Apple in the premiere of the 1998 blockbuster GODZILLA, starring Matthew Broderick, Hank Azaria, and Jean Reno at 5:40pE; and Sigourney Weaver battles a deadly extraterrestrial stowaway in the premiere of Ridley Scott’s director’s cut of the Oscar®-winning sci-fi epic ALIEN, with Tom Skerritt and John Hurt, at 8pE. The network premiere of DISTRICT 9, Neill Blomkamp’s celebrated tale of aliens and apartheid in South Africa, starring Sharlto Copley, follows at 10pE and wrestling legend Roddy Piper uncovers an alien conspiracy in the 1988 John Carpenter opus THEY LIVE, with Keith David, at 1:55aE.

HDNET MOVIES Rules December with a Lineup of Regal Premieres, Crowned by Cate Blanchett in ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ on Sunday, December 6 at 7:15pE
 November 23, 2015

Los Angeles – Nov. 23, 2015 – HDNET MOVIES presents a fully loaded lineup of box office hits and cinema classics, airing in primetime all December long. The month kicks off with “A Royal Evening” on Sunday, December 6 at 7:15pE, starring Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth the First during the troubled early days of her Monarchy, in the acclaimed historical drama ELIZABETH, with Geoffrey Rush and Christopher Eccleston. And Blanchett’s aging Queen fends off Spanish invaders and assassination attempts in the 2007 follow-up ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, with Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen and Eddie Redmayne, at 9:30pE.