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'Still Alice' on HDNET MOVIES

Still Alice

Film Details

Title: Still Alice

Rating: PG-13

Year: 2014

Cast: Julianne Moore, Adam Baldwin, Kristen Stewart

Director: Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland

Run Time: 1:41

Julianne Moore plays Dr. Alice Howland; a respected linguistics professor at Columbia University. Over time the words she would be looking for would escape her. Her daily jogs would become more confusing. Struggling to understand what is going on with her forgetfulness she seeks helps and that’s when she is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Howland tries to hold on to whatever memories she has left as the world around her seemingly disappears. STILL ALICE Airs Wednesday, February 5th 9pET. All part of our 24/7 COUNTDOWN TO THE OSCARS® marathon on HDNET MOVIES.

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