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Film Details

Title: Narc

Rating: R

Year: 2002

Cast: Jason Patric, Ray Liotta, Krista Bridges

Director: Joe Carnahan

Run Time: 1:46

Nick Tellis, a recovering drug addict and narcotics officer, is assigned to investigate the mysterious murder of a rookie cop killed in the line of duty. He is paired up with Henry Oak, an erratic lieutenant and the dead officer’s former partner. As they search drug dens, crack houses, and alleyways in Detroit looking for clues, Tellis’ dark past comes back to haunt him and he soon finds himself in jeopardy of losing everything he gained by getting clean.

Air Dates

Mon, Aug 21st, 11:00pm EDT

Tue, Aug 22nd, 4:50am EDT

Tue, Aug 29th, 1:50pm EDT

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