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'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' on HDNET MOVIES

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Film Details

Title: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Rating: PG

Year: 1989

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin

Director: Stephen Herek

Run Time: 1:30

Graduation is close, but slackers Bill and Ted are on the path to flunking out. Luckily, their teacher gives them one more shot at passing, as long as they can give a sufficient presentation on how a famous, historical person would see modern times. Receiving help from an Emissary from the Future, the boys go on an excellent adventure, meeting everyone from Joan of Arc to Abraham Lincoln along the way.

Air Dates

Sun, May 6th, 9:00pm EDT

Mon, May 7th, 12:10am EDT

Sat, May 12th, 2:10pm EDT

Sun, May 13th, 9:40am EDT

Wed, May 16th, 9:00pm EDT

Thu, May 17th, 12:10am EDT

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