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'American History X' on HDNET MOVIES

American History X

Film Details

Title: American History X

Rating: R

Year: 1998

Cast: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D'Angelo

Director: Tony Kaye

Run Time: 1:59

Edward Norton delivers a searing performance as a former neo-Nazi skinhead whose life was almost destroyed by his own hatred–and who now struggles to prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps. Seeking retribution for his father’s murder and burning with rage, Derek Vinyard (Norton) becomes the charismatic leader of a local White Power movement. Despite his intelligence, Derek’s incendiary actions culminate in a brutal murder and three years in prison. Now on parole, Derek returns home to find his brother, Danny (Edward Furlong), being seduced by the same anger, bigotry and violence that almost destroyed his life.

Air Dates

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