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May Highlights

This May on HDNET MOVIES, get ready for Karate Kicks, Cop Comedies, and Clint Classics to keep you entertained all month long. Begin the month with a Karate Kid triple featuring the three original KARATE KID films starring Ralph Macchio as Daniel and Pat Morita as the wise Mr. Miyagi. A few days later, be sure to tune in for a POLICE ACADEMY marathon with host, Michael Winslow, introducing all seven movies and sharing some very special commentary. And later in the month, celebrate cultural icon Clint Eastwood with a three-day run of his films in prime time leading up to a full-day marathon of nothing but Clint films on May 31st, his 87th birthday. Plus, be sure to catch all the hot premieres this month like ENOUGH SAID, SHAME, BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, BROKEN CITY, and many more.

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