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DIRECTV Free Preview Oct 25 - Oct 31 on HDNET MOVIES

DirecTV Free Preview

This October Musician, director, and horror film maven Rob Zombie is back on HDNET MOVIES for 13 nights of thrills, chills, and kills featuring the network PREMIERES of THE LORDS OF SALEM, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2, THE EVIL DEAD, THE EYE, THE FOURTH KIND, PANDORUM, and ZOMBIE STRIPPERS.

Don’t miss an abundance of October network PREMIERES like BACHELOR PARTY VEGAS, THE GAMBLER featuring Mark Wahlberg, KILLING THEM SOFTLY, WILD CARD, MAX PAYNE, DIRTY LITTLE BILLY, and more! HDNET MOVIES brings you the best of the best in cinema during this FREE PREVIEW and all year long!

Catch the BIG movies this week for Free. Then make sure to add on to your package the DIRECTV MOVIES EXTRA PACK so you never miss another hot title again.

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