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'AT&T U-verse Free Preview May 1-7' on HDNET MOVIES

AT&T U-verse Free Preview

Kick it with a Karate Kid triple, a Keanu Reeves-packed evening, and an epic Police Academy marathon hosted by Sergeant Larvelle Jones aka Michael Winslow himself on HDNET MOVIES May 1st through May 7th.

Don’t miss an abundance of May network PREMIERES like SHAME, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, BROKEN CITY, TWISTED, and BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, plus an airing of the complete POLICE ACADEMY film series hosted by the “”Man of 10,000 Sound Effects,”” Michael Winslow. HDNET MOVIES brings you the best of the best in cinema during this FREE PREVIEW week, and all year long! See below for complete schedule of films.

Catch the BIG movies this week for free. Then make sure to upgrade to the HD Premium Tier on AT&T U-verse so you never miss another hot title again.

AT&T U-verse Free Preview May 1-7 on HDNET MOVIES

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