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'Reservoir Dogs' on HDNET MOVIES
Movie Heists Gone Amok: Top Nine from the ‘90s
 January 8, 2016 2942 views

Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ When a gang of criminals sets out to pull off the “greatest heist ever” in a film, audiences are nearly always guaranteed something will go wrong. Bandits meet their fate in a shootout with the local townsfolk in The Great Train Robbery (1903), James Bond thwarts “Operation […]

When Harry Met Sally on HDNET MOVIES
Pick Six: New Year’s Eve on the Screen
 December 29, 2015 2413 views

New Year’s Eve is upon us and (while we may, or may not, have an eventful holiday this year) we can always rely on the cinema to bring us memorable scenes…and not so memorable scenes. Here are six of the most memorable, as well as six overlooked, New Year’s Eve scenes from films throughout the […]

2001: A Space Odyssey on HDNET MOVIES
The Buzz on 70mm
 December 21, 2015 2312 views

Paul Thomas Anderson regrets not doing it, Christopher Nolan strongly supports it, and Quentin Tarantino just did it for his latest film, The Hateful Eight. Did what, you ask? Shot and released a film in 70mm. And why? What are the benefits of shooting on 70mm film stock? “The film stock is essentially twice as […]