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'Raising Arizona' on HDNET MOVIES
The Coen Brothers Leading Lads
 February 10, 2016 2446 views

The Coen brothers have never done anything by the book when it comes to filmmaking, so why would they treat their characters any differently? Whether they are criminally minded or downright dopey, the leading male characters created by the Coens always embody the same idiosyncrasies, wry humor, and film noir-esque traits included in every Coen […]

'There Will Be Blood' on HDNET MOVIES
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun: Daniel Day-Lewis
 February 9, 2016 2228 views

Great actors are one in a million. They choose their films with diligence, throw themselves into the role they are playing, and deliver breathtaking performances. Double, and sometimes even triple, features are a welcome treat with these actors in starring roles. This month, HDNET MOVIES shines the spotlight on (one such actor) Daniel Day-Lewis, and […]

'Jack Nicholson Double' on HDNET MOVIES
When Jack Said It Best
 January 26, 2016 3250 views

Jack Nicholson has played some of the most memorable characters in cinematic history, starring in over 50 films spanning five decades. That means he has memorized thousands upon thousands of lines as an actor, with two of the most often quoted (and parodied) being, “Here’s Johnny,” from The Shining (1980) and “You can’t handle the […]

'Friday Night Heist' on HDNET MOVIES
Choose Your Own Adventure: The Great (Cinema-inspired) Bank Heist
 January 12, 2016 4240 views

Ever watched a heist movie and thought, “That guy is an idiot” or “Why didn’t he do that instead?” Here is your opportunity to make all the right moves and prove you know better than the average heist movie character. In anticipation of HDNET MOVIES Friday Night Heist lineup this week, featuring Man On A […]