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'Stars of Saturday Night' on HDNET MOVIES
Win a Night of Stand-Up Comedy on Us!
 February 22, 2017 2001 views

We’re giving away three $75 gift cards to use towards tickets, dinner, and drinks for a night full of comedy!

'Love Potion No. 9' on HDNET MOVIES
We Met on Set – Broken Engagements of Hollywood’s Hottest Couples
 February 9, 2017 318 views

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a time of love, romance, and way too much chocolate, why not look back at some of Hollywood’s hottest couples. These nine twosomes began steamy love affairs on set, all leading to a proposal, but never made it down the aisle. They taught us it is okay to say, “This […]

'The Power of One' on HDNET MOVIES
HDNET MOVIES Celebrates Movie Anniversaries in February
 February 2, 2017 225 views

This month on HDNET MOVIES, tune in for seven superb movies celebrating milestone anniversaries, two of which will be airing on their actual release date!   25 YEARS The Power of One (released 03/27/1992) Stephen Dorff in The Power of One (1992)   25 YEARS Love Potion No. 9 released 11/13/1992) Tate Donovan and Sandra […]

'St. Elmo's Fire' on HDNET MOVIES
Real or Fictional – Famous Movie Restaurants
 February 2, 2017 298 views

This month, HDNET MOVIES will be airing two films remembered best for their restaurant scenes – Mystic Pizza (1988) and Pulp Fiction (1994). Sometimes directors shoot on-location at actual restaurants, like in the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally with the famous orgasm scene that took place in New York City’s iconic deli, Katz’s Delicatessen. […]

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