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'Police Academy 101' on HDNET MOVIES
Win a Signed Police Academy Box Set!
 April 21, 2017 2339 views

We’re giving away three Police Academy box sets signed by Cadet Larvell Jones himself, Michael Winslow!

'Kill Bill Vol. 1' on HDNET MOVIES
Five Epic Films That Are Epic-ly Long!
 April 7, 2017 317 views

Epic films require an epic production, which usually results in several hours of shot footage. The best filmmakers in the world, along with their skillful editors, spend months going through each reel and figuring out what to cut and what to keep. Oftentimes, the director’s original final cut will never make it to the silver […]

'Sideways' on HDNET MOVIES
26 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Books First!
 April 3, 2017 317 views

This month on HDNET MOVIES, we are highlighting films that were adapted from works of literature in our Page to Screen lineup. Sometimes with adaptations the source will be obvious, i.e. Crime and Punishment or The Valley of the Dolls, which was the biggest selling novel of 1966. But other titles will shock you because […]

'Vacancy' on HDNET MOVIES
HDNET MOVIES Celebrates Movie Anniversaries in April
 April 1, 2017 230 views

This month on HDNET MOVIES, tune in for eight excellent movies celebrating milestone anniversaries! Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson in Vacancy (2007) 10 YEARS Vacancy (released 04/20/2007) 20 YEARS The Saint (released 04/04/1997) Gattaca (released 10/24/1997) Danny DeVito and Jack Nicholson in Hoffa (1992) 25 YEARS Hoffa (released 12/11/1992) 35 YEARS Let’s Spend the Night […]

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