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Most Gruesome Ways to Die in a Stephen King Adaptation

May 3, 2016

For over 40 years, contemporary horror novelist Stephen King has been terrifying readers and moviegoers with tales of everyday objects and subjects gone amok, such as an automobile, pop machine, family dog, teenage girl, and many more. While on one hand, the occurrences involve some sort of supernatural force, there is always a sense of reality that causes the reader, or moviegoer, to ask, “Could this happen to me?” In honor of this month’s Friday the 13th and HDNET MOVIES is bringing you a special Stephen King triple feature (see below for details). In addition, here is a list of the most gruesome, and most diverse, ways to die as depicted on-screen in a Stephen King adaptation. Beware, after reading it, you may never again know who, or what, to trust!

Carrie (1976)
Trapped inside a school gym and burned to death thanks to the telekinetic powers of a 16-year-old girl

The Shining (1980)
Hacked to death with one swing of the axe to the chest by a man driven mad at an isolated hotel

Christine (1983)
Crushed to death in an alley by a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury

Sandy Ward in Cujo (1983)

Cujo (1983)
Savagely attacked by a rabid St. Bernard

Children of the Corn (1984)
Brutally murdered by a cult of young children who worship a bloodthirsty God called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”

Silver Bullet (1985)
Whacked to death by a reverend-turned-werewolf wielding a baseball bat nicknamed “The Peacemaker”

Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Pummeled with a couple of soda cans, one to the groin and one to the head, by a maniacal vending machine

Pet Sematary (1989)
Stabbed to death with a steak knife by your zombie wife

Tim Curry in Stephen King’s It (1990)

It (1990)
Pulled down a storm drain and left in a gutter to bleed to death with your arms ripped off by an evil clown with fangs and a red wig

The Dark Half (1993)
Fatally beaten with a prosthetic arm by the embodiment of an author’s pseudonym who has come to life and disguised himself as a hitchhiker

The Mangler (1995)
Crushed to death by a possessed laundry press machine

Thinner (1996)
Poisoned by a delicious strawberry pie made with your husband’s gypsy-cursed blood

Secret Window (2004)
Beheaded by your girlfriend’s husband’s second personality whom he calls “Shooter”

The Mist (2007)
Dragged under a door by an obscure monster with large tentacles that rips the flesh off of its victim’s body

Tune into HDNET MOVIES on Wednesday, May 4th for three films based on Stephen King novels chock-full of gruesome ways to die and nightmare-inducing horror.

Cujo (network premiere) – 8/7c
Thinner (network premiere) – 9:40/8:40c
Silver Bullet – 11:20/10:20c

Repeat airing on Friday the 13th starting at 8/7c.