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'7 Deadly Snipes' on HDNET MOVIES
7 Deadly Snipes

Wesley Delivers the Action

'Friday Night Bites' on HDNET MOVIES
Friday Night Bites

A Mouthful of Movies

'It's Reigning Men' on HDNET MOVIES
It’s Reigning Men

A Downpour of Talent

'War Stories: World War II' on HDNET MOVIES
Wart Stories: World War II

WWII As Seen Through Their Eyes

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a special Q & A Facebook Live with @RobZombie coming this fall! Have any #horrormovie questions for him?
  • We lost a comedy legend over the weekend. RIP Jerry Lewis 😢
  • 30 years later you still don't put Baby in a corner... Dirty Dancing was released on this day in 1987.
  • "Then I look around and I realize...God left this place a long time ago."
  • What movie traumatized you as a kid?

Today's Highlights

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Starting at 7:05pm EDT

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Wednesday, Aug. 23
One Night Stand

Starting at 5:00pm EDT

One Night Stand
5:00pm EDT

One Night Stand

6:45pm EDT

Passenger 57

8:10pm EDT

Murder at 1600

10:00pm EDT

Money Train

Thursday, Aug. 24
The Last of the Mohicans

Starting at 7:00pm EDT

The Last of the Mohicans
Friday, Aug. 25
Innocent Blood

Starting at 7:00pm EDT

Innocent Blood
Saturday, Aug. 26
The Ladies Man

Starting at 7:30pm EDT

The Ladies Man
7:30pm EDT

The Ladies Man

9:00pm EDT

The Good Girl

10:40pm EDT

What's Your Number?

12:30am EDT

Single White Female

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