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'Samuel L Jackson's MFing Birthday' on HDNET MOVIES
Samuel L. Jackson MF’ing Birthday Marathon

It's his MF'ing Birthday Celebration!

'Naughty or Nice' on HDNET MOVIES
Naughty or Nice

Checking that list twice.

'Make My Christmas Day Dirty Harry Marathon' on HDNET MOVIES
Make My Christmas Day Marathon

'Tis the season to be Harry...

'Tough Guy Thursdays' on HDNET MOVIES
Tough Guy Thursdays

Are you tough enough?

Today's Highlights


Starting at 5:20pm EST


Tuesday, Dec. 10
Lady Chatterley's Lover

Starting at 5:00pm EST

Lady Chatterley's Lover
6:50pm EST

Rules of Engagement

9:00pm EST

Heartbreak Ridge

11:15pm EST


Wednesday, Dec. 11

Starting at 4:50pm EST

4:50pm EST


7:05pm EST

Rat Race

9:00pm EST

That Old Feeling

10:50pm EST


Thursday, Dec. 12
Dead Pool

Starting at 5:40pm EST

Dead Pool
5:40pm EST

Dead Pool

7:15pm EST

No Good Deed

10:35pm EST

Bullet to the Head

Friday, Dec. 13
Support Your Local Sheriff!

Starting at 5:10pm EST

Support Your Local Sheriff!
6:45pm EST

The Great Raid

9:00pm EST

The Others

11:00pm EST

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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