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'Halloween Spoof-A-Thon' on HDNET MOVIES
Halloween Spoof-A-Thon

This Halloween tune in for a movie marathon so funny it’s scary!

'Nacho Libre' on HDNET MOVIES
Nacho Libre

He's nacho average hero.

'Movember Mondays' on HDNET MOVIES
Movember Mondays

Grow a Mo, save a Bro

'Make It A Double: John Wayne' on HDNET MOVIES
Make it a Double Fridays

Two is Always Better Than One

Today's Highlights

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Starting at 9:00pm EDT

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Friday, Oct. 23
Crooked House

Starting at 4:05pm EDT

Crooked House
4:05pm EDT

Crooked House

6:05pm EDT

Two Rode Together

8:00pm EDT

El Dorado

10:10pm EDT

The Shootist

Saturday, Oct. 24
6 Bullets

Starting at 4:55pm EDT

6 Bullets
4:55pm EDT

6 Bullets

9:00pm EDT

The Uninvited

11:00pm EDT


Sunday, Oct. 25

Starting at 5:40pm EDT

5:40pm EDT


7:25pm EDT


9:00pm EDT


10:30pm EDT

Judgment Night

Monday, Oct. 26
Maximum Risk

Starting at 5:25pm EDT

Maximum Risk
5:25pm EDT

Maximum Risk

7:10pm EDT

Hard Target 2

9:00pm EDT

Nowhere To Run

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