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'The Duchess' on HDNET MOVIES
The Duchess

An Incredible True Story

'Apocalypse Now' on HDNET MOVIES
Apocalypse Now

The Horror...The Horror...


An Extraordinary Adventure

'And the Oscar® Goes To...' on HDNET MOVIES
And The Oscar® Goes To…

February 1 - February 24

Today's Highlights

I Want to Live!

Starting at 4:50pm EST

I Want to Live!

Wednesday, Feb. 20
Apocalypse Now

Starting at 4:20pm EST

Apocalypse Now
4:20pm EST

Apocalypse Now

6:50pm EST

Cinema Paradiso

9:00pm EST

The Defiant Ones

Thursday, Feb. 21
No Country for Old Men

Starting at 4:30pm EST

No Country for Old Men
6:35pm EST

Irma La Douce

9:00pm EST

Moulin Rouge

11:05pm EST

Fiddler on the Roof

Friday, Feb. 22

Starting at 5:25pm EST

5:25pm EST


12:20am EST

Midnight Express

Saturday, Feb. 23
Sling Blade

Starting at 4:45pm EST

Sling Blade
4:45pm EST

Sling Blade

7:05pm EST


9:00pm EST

Stalag 17

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