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'Death Race Marathon' on HDNET MOVIES
Death Race Marathon

A Race to the Death

'Girl, Interrupted' on HDNET MOVIES
Girl, Interrupted

Based On A True Story

'Drive Angry' on HDNET MOVIES
Drive Angry

Hell Is Coming With Him

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Starting at 9:00pm EDT


5:10pm EDT

Hang 'Em High

7:10pm EDT


9:00pm EDT


10:45pm EDT


Wednesday, Apr. 24
Arlington Road

Starting at 4:45pm EDT

Arlington Road
4:45pm EDT

Arlington Road

6:45pm EDT

Terms of Endearment

9:00pm EDT

Out of Africa

Thursday, Apr. 25

Starting at 5:00pm EDT

5:00pm EDT


7:00pm EDT


9:00pm EDT

Scent of a Woman

11:40pm EDT

Leap of Faith

Friday, Apr. 26
Larger Than Life

Starting at 5:40pm EDT

Larger Than Life
5:40pm EDT

Larger Than Life

7:15pm EDT

Lost in Translation

9:00pm EDT

A Beautiful Mind

11:20pm EDT


Saturday, Apr. 27
Hard Target 2

Starting at 5:35pm EDT

Hard Target 2
5:35pm EDT

Hard Target 2

7:25pm EDT

Vantage Point

9:00pm EDT

Patriot Games

11:00pm EDT

Kill the Irishman

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