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'RoboCop Trilogy' on HDNET MOVIES
RoboCop Trilogy

Part man. Part machine. All cop.

'The A-List: Brad Pitt' on HDNET MOVIES
The A-List: Brad Pitt

Honoring Brad Pitt

'The A-List: Audrey Hepburn' on HDNET MOVIES
The A-List: Audrey Hepburn

Celebrating Audrey

'Movember Mondays' on HDNET MOVIES
Movember Mondays

Grow a Mo, save a Bro

Today's Highlights

The Shadow Riders

Starting at 11:25pm EST

The Shadow Riders

Wednesday, Nov. 25

Starting at 5:20pm EST

Thursday, Nov. 26
Robocop (Unrated Director's Cut)

Starting at 5:00pm EST

Robocop (Unrated Director's Cut)
7:00pm EST

Robocop 2

9:00pm EST

Robocop 3

10:50pm EST

Mad Max

Friday, Nov. 27
Code of Silence

Starting at 4:30pm EST

Code of Silence
4:30pm EST

Code of Silence

6:15pm EST

Brewster's Millions

8:00pm EST

The Bad News Bears

9:45pm EST

Bad News Bears

Saturday, Nov. 28
Along Came a Spider

Starting at 4:40pm EST

Along Came a Spider
4:40pm EST

Along Came a Spider

6:30pm EST

Southland Tales

9:00pm EST


11:00pm EST

When a Stranger Calls

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'Brewster's Millions' on HDNET MOVIES
'Southland Tales' on HDNET MOVIES
'High Noon' on HDNET MOVIES
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