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'Day Of The Duke' on HDNET MOVIES
Day of the Duke

The man, the myth, the legend

'Fools of April' on HDNET MOVIES
Fools of April

Bringing the Laughs!

'The Gift' on HDNET MOVIES
The Gift

Can you trust a witness who wasn't there?


All is not what it seems

Today's Highlights


Starting at 7:05pm EDT


4:50pm EDT

True Grit

7:05pm EDT


9:00pm EDT

Rio Grande

10:50pm EDT

The Horse Soldiers

Monday, Mar. 30
Legally Blonde

Starting at 5:40pm EDT

Legally Blonde
Tuesday, Mar. 31
Killing Season

Starting at 5:50pm EDT

Killing Season
5:50pm EDT

Killing Season

7:25pm EDT

American Outlaws

9:00pm EDT

The Postman

12:00am EDT

Hard Cash

Wednesday, Apr. 1
Used Cars

Starting at 5:25pm EDT

Used Cars
5:25pm EDT

Used Cars

7:20pm EDT

The Amateurs

9:00pm EDT

The Pink Panther

10:40pm EDT

Beer League

Thursday, Apr. 2
Stardust Memories

Starting at 5:35pm EDT

Stardust Memories
5:35pm EDT

Stardust Memories

7:10pm EDT

Lone Wolf McQuade

9:00pm EDT

The Mechanic

10:45pm EDT

Murphy's Law

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