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'Villain-Tine’s Day' this February on HDNET MOVIES
Villain-tine’s Day

A Twist on Romance

'Crime, Comedy, & the Coens' this February on HDNET MOVIES
Crime, Comedy & the Coens

February 11th 6/5c

Coen Brothers Triple Feature

'Big Money Hanks' this February on HDNET MOVIES
Big Money Hanks

An Evening with Hanks

'Date Night' this February on HDNET MOVIES
Date Night

Cuddle Up with Comedies

Today's Highlights

Raising Arizona

Starting at 8:00pm EST

Raising Arizona

6:00pm EST

The Hudsucker Proxy

8:00pm EST

Raising Arizona

9:40pm EST

Barton Fink

Friday, Feb. 12
All the President's Men

Starting at 5:40pm EST

All the President's Men
Saturday, Feb. 13
Notting Hill

Starting at 5:50pm EST

Notting Hill
5:50pm EST

Notting Hill

8:00pm EST


Sunday, Feb. 14
Bonnie and Clyde

Starting at 6:05pm EST

Bonnie and Clyde
6:05pm EST

Bonnie and Clyde

8:00pm EST

Basic Instinct

10:10pm EST

Natural Born Killers

Monday, Feb. 15
Memphis Belle

Starting at 6:10pm EST

Memphis Belle
6:10pm EST

Memphis Belle

10:20pm EST

The Hurt Locker

12:35am EST


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'The Hurt Locker' on HDNET MOVIES
'There Will Be Blood' on HDNET MOVIES
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